Krohn Vintage port 2016

Verkoop Krohn 2016 Vintage port Drankenspeciaalzaak Ton Overmars

Taylor's vintage port 2016 Quinta de Vargellas
Krohn's Quinta Do Retiro Novo
Krohn Vintage Port 2016
“Two factors stand out in 2016. Heavy rainfall in spring meant that the vines had plenty of water throughout the summer. Secondly, the ripening season started relatively late and lasted well into September. This led to very gradual and even ripening of the crop with all elements in perfect balance at the time of the harvest. Picking started later than usual on all our estates.
...Harvesting conditions at the end of September and early October were perfect, with cool nights contributing to long fermentations and gentle, complete extraction. As a result the wines are solidly structured with firm, well integrated tannins and display very fine fruit quality.”
David Guimaraens - Head WinemakerKrohn 2016 vintage port

Krohn Vintage Port 2016
Diep robijn zwart met smalle paarse rand. Een neus van heerlijk zuiver, levendig rood fruit, met frisse aroma's van cranberry, framboos en kersen en levendige tonen van pruim en abrikoos. Achter dit gordijn van vers fruit komen beurtelings kruidige aroma's voor van zwarte peper en nootmuskaat, warme tonen van mokka en geuren van cederhout en balsamico's. In tegenstelling, is het gehemelte wulps, met dichte, mondvullende tannines die zowel lichaam en stevigheid en een dikke coulis van zwarte bossen die in de eindeloze afwerking stromen. Hoewel de eerste indruk van een etherische zuiverheid is, ontwikkelt de wijn een ingewikkelde complexiteit in het glas en toont hij de krachtige maar prachtig geïntegreerde tannines die kenmerkend zijn voor de wijnoogst.

Hoewel de eerste indruk van een etherische zuiverheid is, ontwikkelt de wijn een ingewikkelde complexiteit...

Tasting note

Deep ruby black with narrow purple rim. A nose of wonderfully pure, vibrant red fruit, with crisp aromas of cranberry, raspberry and cherry and lively notes of plum and apricot. Emerging in turn from behind this curtain of fresh fruit are spicy aromas of black pepper and nutmeg, warm notes of mocha and scents of cedar wood and balsamic herbs. In contrast, the palate is voluptuous, with dense, mouth filling tannins providing both body and firmness and a thick coulis of black woodland fruit that flows into the endless finish. Although the first impression is of an ethereal purity, the wine develops an intricate complexity in the glass and displays the powerful but beautifully integrated tannins which are a hallmark of the vintage.

Serving Suggestions
Walnuts are an excellent accompaniment to Vintage Port, as are various cheeses
such as Stilton and Dorset Blue Vinny. So too are dried fruits such as apricots or
figs. Alternatively, simply savour the unadulterated taste in a good glass with good company.

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